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Why do tourist use rent a car Belgrade more often?

Being a metropolis, it takes time to visit and see all monuments. In order to achieve all of it, you should use some type of transport.

Meet the local spirit by using public transport

Public transport is the best solution for the ones with adventure spirit. It would help them to meet the locals and see the way they are. On the other hand, this kind has some disadvantages. Even though it is far more economical than the others, it is not recommended if you have a schedule to follow. The buses are too slow, rare during the weekends and crowded. There were be need to change more than one bus in order to arrive at the wanted location. All of that requires extra time.

Rent a car Beograd

Taxi drives to the wanted adrress

Taxi on the other hand is more comfortable and faster transport mean. A vehicle picks you up and takes you to the wanted place. This is a good solution if you have a huge luggage and you want to leave it at the hotel and start your city touring as soon as possible. It is known that taxi is the most used transport during the nights after a going out.

Apart of all good features mentioned above, the negative thing about it is that are a lot of so called “wild” taxes. They charge you double price instead of the usual one. Foreigners are the most wanted victims. You should be careful, especially if you are in Belgrade for the first time. At the first look, you would not be able to make distinction between the right one and “wild” taxes.

Rent a car - the most common tourists’ choice

Nevertheless, recently things have changed. Tourists are using rent a car services. Rent a car Belgrade is the right solution if you are visiting our city for the first time for a few days. Comfortable, economical and fast solution that would make your staying at our capital city more pleasant.

The vehicle could be rented through an agency in two or three steps. The reservations could be done online, few days before your arrival. Car should be returned on the day of your departure.

With a rent a car you are traveling with a smile

By renting a car you would enjoy in your vacation completely. You have a chance to rent a car with or without a driver. Renting a car with driver brings a small advantage, because you would not have to think about streets, free parking places, especially if you are in Belgrade for the first time. By renting a car you would not have to think about being late for a bus or would you go off on the wrong or right station.

Rent a car Beograd aerodrom

AR rent a Car Beograd – safe and comfortable transport

Among agencies with many years of experience in this field is AR rent a car. Its main characteristics are professional approach and responsibility towards the clients. Experienced drivers, equipped cars are its main advantages. The satisfied clients are the best proof for it.

AR rent a car Belgrade offers a wide range of cars and many benefits for the most trustful clients. If you recommend them to your friends, relatives you could earn up to 10% of their final bill and you could have some discounts if you rent a car in a long run.

Forget about buses and long waiting, double taxes prices, meet Belgrade with rent a car. Safe, fast and easy!

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