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Want to visit Belgrade? A few ways how to travel through it

There is something special in our Belgrade. All those huge streets, modern buildings, restaurants with home cuisine, clubs and coffee shops, just to mention some of the things, attract many tourists. There is also a feeling of being home which could be felt in every corner of the city. Additionally, many hand written papers testify about it. The very first tavern represented a place where foreigners would spend their time. On the other hand taverns were spots where hot political debates were guided. Nevertheless, they were also a place where you could not only feel that old, Belgrade spirit, but the whole spirit of Balkan.  

Metropolis keeps the old town spirit

Even though Belgrade is seen as a metropolis, it holds an old spirit, which is one of the reasons there are so many tourists all over the world. Our capital city can boast a rich and quality offer of cultural and entertaining life.

Panoramic sightseeing, organized tours in Kalemgdan, driving down Danube, Zemun as a separate part of the city, visit to the House of flowers, Košutnjak and ski trails, Avala tower, make Belgrade a top destination in this part of the world.

The number of tourist is rising from year to year

According to the statistics made by Serbian touristic organization, the number of tourists is increasing from year to year. One would think that their number is higher during the summer months, but actually, this year we made a record. Only in December thousands and thousands of foreigners decided to spend their holidays in Belgrade.  

Another thing which brings a lot of tourists to our capital town is musical festivals. Kalemegdan, green spaces around Ušće become stage for many music stars where they perform. Besides concerts, tourists are able to watch a movie or a play outside. The number of visitors is rising too.

Huge number of hotels and motels

When it comes to accommodation, Belgrade offers a wide number of hotels and motels, full equipped which would make your visit more comfortable and agreeable. There is also a chance of renting an apartment for a couple of days or apartment per day. Even their location is perfect, because a lot of them is located near the city centre.  

Public transport advantageous but laden

When it comes to transport, foreigners could choose between couple of options. Public transport is economical. On the other hand it could be full and rare, because we are talking about summer and summer timetable. To be honest, this is something opposite to the tourist interest, because they want to see as many things as possible in our town.

Taxi is much better but it is more expensive. Driving is agreeable because you are the only passenger and you do not have to stop at every cornet to pick up a new passenger. Once you are in the vehicle, you are going straight to your final destination.

Rent a car Belgrade is becoming more popular option

The third solution is Belgrade renting car. This type of service is already famous in the world and we are not falling behind with it. Rent a car Belgrade is economical, pleasant and favorable way of transport. Automobile fleet is full- equipped. All vehicle need to go through technical service before they are put in use. Drivers are professional with many years of experience which would only make your driving lovely and more pleasant.

Thanks to Belgrade renting car you are able to enjoy your visit without additional thinking. Vehicle could be reserved few days before your arrival. There is also a chance of renting a car without a driver. For this occasion you would need to have an international license driver. Everything related with the vehicle you are arranging with the agency.

The oldest way of transport – walking  

And walking as the oldest way of transport. It is recommended to all tourists who are staying in a long run. This is the best way to meet our city.

Belgrade lies in the confluence of two rivers. It is up to you to pack up your luggage and visit it. It is up to you would you visit it by city bus, taxi or renting a car. In the end, the only thing that matters is memories which stay behind each journey.

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