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Rental Terms:

General terms: The vehicle can be rented exclusively by a person (hereinafter referred to as Renter) with minimum age of 21, who has possessed the driver’s license for minimum of 2 years. Upon the vehicle pickup, the renter provides valid documents: passport or ID card and driver’s license which shall be photocopied and filed by an authorized person. The renter shall sign the contract consenting to the agreed price of the car and additional services, deposit rates and the return time. By signing the contract the Renter consents to the general terms presented on the final page of the contract, also given here as follows.

Car rental price per day includes tax, kasko insurance, and unlimited mileage, unless otherwise is specified during promotional pricing. Car rental price per day includes accounting period of 24 hours, starting with the pickup, and 1 hour tolerance for return. The prices are quoted in Euros, the method of payment is Dinar counter value, according to the buying rate of Intesa Bank of Serbia, upon the pickup of the vehicle, in cash or by payment cards. We accept all cards VISA, MASTER, AMEX .

Deposit is required upon pickup and depends on the choice of the vehicle, with the minimum of 200 € and the precise information about the rate will be provided while taking your reservation. Deposit can be paid in cash or a hold for the specified amount can be put on your payment card. Permanent clients are provided with the reduction in deposit.For people under the age of 25, the deposit is doubled, and the minimum is 500 Euros.  AR Rent A Car reserves the right to increase the amount of the deposit as well as not to rent a vehicle. You can pay the deposit in any currency in proportion to the Euro exchange rate.

Insurance: Rental price includes kasko insurance with reimbursement equal to the size of the deposit, which means that in case of accident or car theft your part is equal to the deposit that you paid upon pickup with the minimum of 200  €. You can rent a car with full insurance with a surcharge rate depending on the class of the vehicle, which will be shown on our website upon booking. If you pay extra for full insurance, in case of an accident, with the required police report, you won’t be liable for any damage or a car theft, after you have returned the documents and the keys. Full insurance does not cover for the damages of the interior of the vehicle such as stains and burns in the seats, scratched and damaged surfaces. 

Leaving the territory of the Republic of Serbia in our car is possible with our permission and surcharge of 30 € for the tax. If you wish to travel outside the borders of our country, please let us know in advance, because otherwise, we shall seal the authorization for the vehicle which will disable that option.

Business hours of the office at Belgrade airport “Nikola Tesla” are from 7 am to 12 pm. Any pickup or returning scheduled in advance, 30 min before or after working time is free of charge. Pickup and return of the car 31min or more before/after working time is charged additionally by 15 €. 

Car delivery is available and is charged additionally after the agreement. 

Return vehicle on other location is available to. For example you pick up car on Airport Nikola Tesla in Belgrade and return on Airport Konstantin Veliki in Nis or Airport Morava in Kraljevo.
This service is charged additionally by this prices:
Airport Belgrade - Airport Niš (and inversely): 85€
Airport Belgrade - Aranđelovac (and inversely): 45€
Airport Niš - Aranđelovac (and inversely): 85€

Airport Belgrade - Airport Kraljevo (and inversely): 75€
Airport Kraljevo - Airport Niš (and inversely): 85€

If we do not have a free, chosen car, we can offer you a car from the same or higher class under the same conditions.

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  • Boosters - free
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