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What does winter equipment comprise?

Winter equipment is an obligatory thing in all most every country. The charges for not having in it could be drastically high. So, from November till April every car should have it due to the fact there could be ice and snow on the roads, which is why the level of precaution is higher.

What does winter equipment comprise?

The first association, when we mention winter equipment is winter tires. It is an essential part of equipment for winter driving. Nevertheless, tires are not the only thing your car should posses when the winter arrives. Even though there is no sleet or snow on the road, summer tires are just not meant for the winter driving and low temperatures, which is why the level of slippage increased. In that case is always better to prevent instead of cure. Every vehicle should be taken to the mechanic before the trip.

Beside the mentioned tires, a vehicle should have rope of chains, as one the best instrument which would help if your car ends up stuck in the snow.

Shovel, winter clothes

Do not go on a journey without a shovel. A small shovel is pretty much enough and with it you could clear the path and windows covered with snow. In order to use shovels, rope of chains or change tires you ought to have appropriate clothes. That means you must not go without gloves and other winter warm clothes items. Put an extra blanket in the car, you never know when you would need it. The windows, especially the frontal one should be clean all the time.


You must not go without reflectors due to the reduced level of visibility. Not only it would help you, but it would be helpful for other participant in traffic. Keep a reserve lamp at the back seat, it could be needed.

Nowhere without a first aid kit

Do not go without a first aid kit especially during the winter, when roads are coverd and not so passable. All of this unables the ambulance to arrive on time if there had been an accident. So you find yourself near an accident the first aid kit would be helpful.

Vehicles with front wheels not the back one

Experts recommend to avoid going on a trip with the vehicle where the engine’s drive is send to the back wheels, whenever is possible. The reason for it that the chances for slippage are higher, because back wheels do not have enough strength to pull out the vehicle stuck in the ice or snow. This does not mean it is forbidden to go with this type of car on a trip. Only the drivers should be more careful because it could be unpleasant.

No matter what kind of vehicle you have, with the front or back wheels, during the winter you must be careful.

Automatic gearbox with snow mode

A lot of cars today have an automatic gearbox with snow mode. This tool helps the car to catch up the second speed, but also reduces the chanced of wheels turning around. In addition, there is a change in strength and its division among the wheels which means the possibilities of slippages are relatively small.

Rent a car has a winter equipment

Winter equipment is a part of each rented car. Before they are used by customers, they go through all technical services. Every car has a spare of tires, winter ones, rope of chain, lamp, shovel and other items which are required by the law. So, it you are planning a winter trip you do not have to think about extra money for equipment for winter driving.

AR rent a car Belgrade

Among the firms which offer this kind of services AR rent a car Belgrade stands out. Professionalism and devotion to work are its best features. Experienced drivers, very well equipped vehicle fleet are its best strength.

Taking into account that holidays are just around the corner if you had some second doubts about going on a vacation or not, rent a car could be the best solution for this situation.

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