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Rent a car after a pandemic

COVID-19 comes from a family of viruses that cause mild illnesses, such as the common cold, but can also lead to major health problems, such as pneumonia. The main symptoms of the COVID-19 virus are high fever and dry cough. Some other possible indicators are weakness, sore throat, heavy breathing, muscle aches, headaches, clogged sinuses, etc. These symptoms are less common. There are a number of cases where people have no symptoms, and did not even know they were positive for the corona virus until they did tests. Therefore, it is not precisely defined what symptoms an infected person will or will not have. The virus spreads extremely quickly, but a small percentage of cases end in death. This percentage mainly consists of older people, i.e. over 65 years, and people with poorer health (diabetes, pneumonia, cancer ...).

Due to the emergency situation caused by the corona virus, many activities suffered severe beatings and many companies went bankrupt. However, as the first, most dangerous wave of the virus passed, and the number of those infected was reduced to a minimum, it was time to recover and restore people's faith in work, success and enjoyment. The unwritten rule is that changing the environment is all you need when you are striving for a new experience, new landscapes and new memories. Considering the whole situation, many people decide to travel around Serbia, realizing that they have not seen the beauty of their own country for a long time.

Travel is a medicine for everyone who wants to recover from difficult situations, but also a daily routine for those who are not kept in place. When asked, what is the most convenient way to travel, the vast majority answer by car. However, the fact is that sometimes we do not have our own car at our disposal or we simply do not want to travel with it on long distances. Sometimes our vehicle does not have the appropriate characteristics. For example, you drive a car that is smaller and has three doors, with a weaker engine, and you want to drive into the mountains with three other people. In these cases, the best decision you can make is to contact a car rental agency.

Of course, the plane is by far the fastest, most comfortable and safest way to travel. But that way you miss the opportunity to see all the places you would otherwise go through by car. At the same time, the plane is a much more expensive way to travel. However, even if you decide to fly, you need transportation to the accommodation, cafe, club and for a tour. If you have decided to visit our capital city Belgrade, the rent a car of the "Nikola Tesla" airport will provide you with the desired vehicle at a clearly specified time. Belgrade is a big city that gives you many experiences. This is where western and eastern European culture meet and combine the best of both. From museums, through parks, all the way to cafes, Belgrade offers you unique outings and scenes. Because of its size and cultural richness, you need a car to travel Belgrade lengthways and crossways.

Given the overall situation and the fact that we are all recovering from the recent crisis, the AR rent a car agency has decided to lower the prices for June to the lowest possible level. According to the instructions of the World Health Organization, each vehicle is thoroughly cleaned with disinfectants. Each employee, when entering the airport, passes through the deso barrier and his temperature is measured. The use of masks and gloves is mandatory. When renting a car with the aim of visiting a new city or part of the country, it is desirable to have navigation as well. This is just one of the services you can rent with the vehicle. In addition to navigation, snow chains, child seats, additional driver and full insurance are offered. Of course, some of them are free, while some are charged.

Serbia offers numerous mountains, spas and even national parks. Homemade cuisine and brandy delight every palate. Serbian monasteries and churches are worth admiring. You must have noticed more and more foreign tourists in our country in the last few years. Take a tour of Serbia and see for yourself why tourists always come back to us.

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