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How difficult is it to provide car rental services?

 At the very first beginning it was only one camper. Today, there are six. They have 30 cars. The work started spontaneously, but it gained over the years a tone of seriousness. “It all started from with first camper”, the owner explains. He used it for the traveling. His brother – in –law poses a firm which rentals the equipment for the film purposes. One day he asked him if he would rent his camper for the actors. Soon, the calls began. He decided to buy another camper. Additionally, people started to call for cars. He is been renting cars for almost five years and he learns each day something new. The work has spread, covering Belgrade airport Nikola Tesla, since Decembre 2016. Ever since then, the work is becoming more serious.

Internet makes effects on the rent a car industry

Internet brought new things into the field of business. There is no doubt that it effects can be seen in every branch of industry even in the rental car industry. Speed and agreeability are the first things which arise as something positive. According to Zeljko, the Internet in this business is the most important factor. Nevertheless, we need to look up at the other side of the medal, which is negative. Today, everyone can express what they like and the clients are the ones who are betrayed.

This is why his team is trying to do everything clearly and with open hands, so that clients could get what they see on the website. Website in this industry is the same thing as a real shop. In the world made of fake news and false promises and offers, it is hard to stay honest and truthful. This is why these characteristic are appreciated and considered as highly professional.

It is hard to be transparent and successful

People are hypnotized with the words such as ACTION, SPECIAL PRICES OR DISCOUNT, so it is hard to work transparently. For example: They want to reserve a car during their staying in Belgrade. The price is 68 euros for 7 days. 90% of clients would reserve the vehicle in advanced. Only after they go to the office they realize that the price does not include insurance or any other relevant things such as double wheel. Seven day insurance costs twice more that the car. If they decide to give up from renting a car they would be in loss for 68€, but if they take a car without an insurance, they need to pay at least 1000€ for the deposit. In case they any damage even the slightly one they would need to make up for it. The number of the companies, working with this kind of methods, are increasing. There some of it, who claim that the head office is on the airport, that their cars are new and the truth is that they even do not have a work registration. They do not pay taxes and they rent cars older than 10 years, with a mileage of at least half a million kilometers of spinning.

Renting a car has its advantages, of course. Being comfort is on the first place and it is the important one. The industry with such a long tradition like rent a car industry works worldwide.

Rent a car – the most useful transport mean

Maybe it is not the most convenient, but is definitely the most practical transport mean. If you live abroad and you are coming home by plan, you could rent a car right there on the airport. After leaving, the car is left on the airport, again, without thinking who would pick you up. Forget about asking people to be your personal drivers. It can be very stressful and tiring. The journey soon could be disagreeable, and we do not want that to happen, right?

Situation is much worse if you have your own car in Serbia. In addition, someone needs to drive to the airport. In addition, you need to think about registration. If you do not use car very often, it starts to lose its value. There are cases when you leave a car to your lovely cousin. When you return and want to use it, you need to take to the service, because there is something wrong with it. In the end, you need to pay for the repair, and what is worse you would spend your holiday without a vehicle.

Tourist are the most common clients

Taking all the things mentioned above, we can conclude that renting a car is one of the best solutions. The number of the clients is increasing. The most common clients are people working abroad, followed by the tourist visiting Serbia.

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