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Why should you visit Serbia this autumn?

In addition, the number of foreign visitors rises from season to season not only in the summer but during the other seasons as well. Even though we relate spring and summer with the journeys, Serbia has a lot of things to offer during an autumn.

For the adventures - Kopaonik, Zlativor and Tara

If you are an adventurous person, who enjoys climbing and nature, you should visit some of the Serbian mountains. Moving on the West you could visit Zlatibor or Tara which are unique with interesting things to see. On the road to Zlatibor there is a valley called Ovcar –kablar with more than 20 monasteries. Around the mountain there is Drvengrad, ethno-village made on the hill called Mecavnik. It is very specific because it is made in a form of a rectangle. It has all that one city has. The church is in the centre, there is a restaurant, hotel, cinema and few small cafes. Down the road to Tara, you could take a ride and travel with the Šargan Eight and in the departure visit a place called Sirogojno where you could enjoy the true Serbian national food. On the other hand Kopaonik has its own charms.

Vojvodina – world of farm and tamburitza

North of the Sava and the Danube, there is a whole different world - the world of the countryside, the tamburitza. Novi Sad as a centre of that world has calmness and grace. Additonally, Novi Sad has been announced for the European cultural capital for the 2019 year. If you want to see why it is, the only thing you should do is walk down the main street. The symbol of Exit, one of the biggest eropean festivals is Petrovaradin fortress. Around Novi Sad is Fruska gora with 18 monasteries, which tell and keep the history. Vojvodina’s peask is Subotica, the city with the mixed culture. Palic lake and zoo near it would be interesting for the children.

You like wine? Straight to Aleksandrovac

Parish harvest is recommended to the wine lovers. It takes place in Aleksandrovac where a harvest tradition exists back to the 12 century and ever since then it has been transmitted over generations.

Authentical South Serbia 

South Serbia with Nis as a centre of the region keeps the authentical spirit back from the Turkish period, due to that you can hear many Turkish words in the daily conversation. The same thing could be said for the buildings. Nis Fortress, Mediana, Ćele Kula, Čegar just to mention some of the most important historical monuments in the south of our country. If you are in love with the nature, Vlasina lake is the place for you. You will be amazed by the live and colorful nature.

Belgrade – the capital city

Last but not the least that one should visit is the capital city – Belgrade. Business hub, an alternative place for going out and cultural centre, all in one. If you have decided to spend this autumn in our town, you will not regret it, because it has prepared a list of interesting events. For jazz lovers, there is Belgrade jazz festival which would take place in the end of October, followed by International book fair. November is reserved for design and furniture. Belgrade is the city that never sleeps. On the other hand, it is historically important town due to the fact that it has survived so many wars. American New York Times has recently published an article where Belgrade is among 50 world cities worth of visiting.

Which transport to use?

When it comes to the transport, there are several options. Public transport is economically the most appropriate but the bas side of it is that you should change more than in order to arrive at the wanted place. Another option is taxi which is much faster than public buses but there also “wild” taxis, which look similar to the true one, so it is not easy to make a distinction between them.

Meet Belgrade with rent a car Belgrade

The third option is to rent a car. This service has become very popular and wanted among the tourists. The advantages are multiple. Rent a car Belgrade is favorably, fast and comfortable transport mean which would make you staying in Belgrade agreeable and pleasant. The vehicles could be reserved online only couple of days before the arrival. There are plenty of models so you could choose that one that suits you best. Another option is to rent a car without or with a driver. Cars should be returned at the last day of your departure.

Why should you visit Serbia this autumn? The reasons mentioned above are just some of it. The best way is to come and see it in person. Once you here, you will want to come once again in the country set up on the mountainous Balkan.

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