Why do foreigners rent car in Belgrade?

Beside those, there is a group of tourist who organize their own trips by themselves. They usually arrive alone, no agency in the middle. They organize an accommodation, transport and the staying.

Taxi saves your time

Second solution is taxi. Comparing to the public transport, taxi offers a list of advantages. Firstly, you are alone, no more passengers then you. It has the first stop which is the one when you get in and the last one, when you get off. Forget about waiting full buses. Taxi only arrives couple of minute after your call. Secondly, taxi drivers know shortcuts so they could take you a lot faster to the address. The price is a bity higher but it saves you time.


"Wild" taxi problem

Nevertheless, bad side of it are so called "wild" taxis. They are not true taxi drivers even though they look like real one. They make problems to the local community as well. The biggest problem with them is that they charge to much and their target are tourists.

Several bus lines

When it comes to the transport through the city, public transport is more affordable looking from economic perspective. There are a lot of bus lines. However, it takes more than one line to go to the wanted location. They can be late and usually are crowded so be prepare to lose time in advance.

Why do foreigners more often rent a car?

That is why foreigners rent a car more often. There is a good list of reasons for that. 

Renting a car has become popular service among our country, especially in Belgrade because of the airport. By renting a car you save time. The time plays an important role when you are tourist. You have a couple of days at your disposal so you want to use them completely. You want to visit as much as you can, but to try some of the local coffee. In addition, you want to go out by night, to check out local night life. In order to accomplish all of these things you need to have a good plan, transport which would take you around and great organization. With rental car it is possible. These types of services are the best option when it comes to the transport in the unknown city.

What you get by renting a car?

First you get a vehicle only for you. Experienced driver who know the city so you do not have to take care about free parking spaces, is the street right or wrong, is there enough oil in the car. The only thing you have to do is to relax and enjoy sightseeing.

Economical solution

Secondly, rent a car services are affordable. You get a car from the begging till the end of your journey. Vehicle comes to you and drop you back to the airport. Forget about long waiting and jams. You are the one who decides when it would be a departure, where it would be a stop and what would be the next point.

AR rent a car Belgrade

Belgrade can pride on rent a car services. Among the firms which offer this type of services is AR rent a car. The firm has a lot of experience. Professional drivers, responsible and with the experience, equipped wheel car, agreeable prices and professional approach could be put next to its name. All the cars go through technical services before they are used. The offer could be seen on the site where you can also reserve the wanted car according to your needs. The vehicle would be waiting where ever you say it. The car returns on the day of your departure.

With rent a car Beograd you get a comfortable transport which would make your journey a true vacation.

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