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Why are the campers ideal transport mean in the winter?

Campers are transport mean that offers the comfort similar you have in your own home. You would have to think about departure and arrival, would you be late or not, with campers you have the freedom.

Campers perfect for the winter

There is no doubt that travelling by bus can be very exhausted and uncomfortable. Winters could be too cold and quite often buses do not have enough hit. Sometimes they stop in the middle of the night due to the fact they do not have winter wheels. Going abroad, across the border means long lines for passport. In addition, travels become night more, instead of being a beautiful memory. To avoid all these unpleasant situations, rent a camper especially during the winter.

Moving home

Campers or camp houses, most common name among people, are ideal combination of transport and home. Everything you have in your house you could have it here. You do not have to reserve hotels, motels or wait for discounts offered by the agencies. With campers you have home in every moment. Another advantage, renting a camper offer is a kitchen. You would not have to think about restaurants and local specialists. There is a mini kitchen inside the camper so you would be able to prepare your favorite meal and enjoy in every bite. Additionally, families are the most common users of campers.

Perfect for making a movie

Campers have mutual role, which is why they are rented by many production firms for the purposes of recording a movie and musical spot. In order to be ready for work, actors, producers, movies makers should rest, right?

With campers, recording is economical

Campers are the ones which would help in that. Bearing in mind, they posses all mentioned above, they are perfect for the whole movie team - especially, when they need to record some scenes several times in the open space.
There would be no need for an extra hotel. Forget about the questions about reservations. You will not need to think about if your hotel is near enough to the location or would it be enough free room for the whole crew. With campers everyone would be at one place, which means that renting a camper is far more economical solution. The number of production houses which use this service has increased a lot in the couple of years.

AR rent a car

Among the companies that offer a service renting a camper is AR rent a car. Even though its main service is renting a car, it offers this service as well. The need for campers has increased in the recent years because Serbia is a great location for recordings. AR rent a car has modern campers, called trailers, appropriate for the production houses no matter what the weather is.

From comfortable chairs to mini kitchens

They have five campers which are combination of transport and accommodation, which is why they have comfortable sofas, beds. Moving house in two words, because they offer mini kitchen, baths. The reservations should be made in advance for the purposes of making a movie. They drivers are present all the time so they could help and assist you.

Nevertheless, AR rent a car offers renting campers for the physical people who want to spend holiday in it. In that case they could rent it without a driver.

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