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A weekend in Belgrade?

There is an interesting increase in the number of local tourist who decides to spend their free days in our capital city, enjoying its sights. A lot of them decide to go across streets of Belgrade, using their own car. Our city is attractive to people from the region as well. That can be added to our hospitality and the fact we all can easily communicate, because we use similar languages. Don’t forget that you only need a couple of hours to get to the Serbian capital city. 

Rent a car Belgrade – the best way to travel through the capital city 

Rent a car is of the options for all the people who want to enjoy completely in Belgrade magic. If you are coming to Belgrade by airplane, you can rent a car on the airport. Rent a car is very appropriate option which would make your staying in Belgrade much easier, no matter how long you would be in Belgrade. 

Rent a car

What makes this service so great is that by renting a car, you are the one who makes plans about timetable and schedule, you don’t depend on anybody. You would not have to think about buses and the long distance stops. Rent a car is much practical. You can do it online or in person. It is recommended to do it few days before arriving in Belgrade. The adventure can start when you take a car. 

The famous Kalemegdan Fortress

Kalemegdan is certainly of the most famous Belgrade sights. The fortress that keeps the history, Pobednik, a monument, the zoo, Military museum, Kalemegdan terrace are some of the locations which should be seen. Near Kalemegdan is located Dorcol with rich and urban cafés and restaurants, for every taste. If you are a fan of walking, we recommend a walkway, called “25.maj”. You can reach it very quickly and it is quit spacious so you don’t need to worry, because you would find a parking space for your rent a car Beograd.

Rent a car Beograd

Vukov Spomenik and the Eastern City Gate

Vukov Spomenik is located on the Boulevard Aleksandar Obrenovic – a place where people meet and grow. There is a student’s resident, one of the oldest in Belgrade. If you continue right you would see Djeram market, Cvetkov market, factory Cluz. The Eastern City Gate or three soliters can be seen from this point. Ustanicka Street is the last tram’s stop. When you cross the street, there are new stops leading to other parts of the town. 


Scadarlia – the bohemian’s place

The place you can’t miss it out is Scadarlia or the Bohemian’s quarter. Cobblestone, a huge number of taverns which are mostly old – fashioned are always ready for the new guests. Old, traditional song can be heard from these taverns almost every day. Scadarlia was a gathering place for our artists, writers and actors. It used to be a place where they would discuss about serious issues and make significant decisions. There are modern places as well, but you can still feel that old-fashioned spirit in the air.The Temple of Saint Sava is located in Vracar. It is one of the oldest Belgrade municipalities. According to many surveys taken some years ago, after Dedinje, Vracar is the second most elite part of the city. In the past few years, the Temple of Saint Sava is considered to be of the most visited religious places. On its right side is one of the oldest buildings in Serbia – the National library of Serbia. 

Rentacar Beograd

Novi Beograd from the other side of the river

Novi Beograd is the right place for those you love industrial parts of the city. Revived in the middle of the eighties of the last century, today is a central hub for IT companies and consulting firms. The Old and New part of the town are linked by the famous Brankov bridge. Delta City, Usce, Immo centre are the shopping molls from the other side of the river. Beer fest festival takes place every year near the shopping centre Usce and offers a wide range of the international and local beers. There is a musical part of the festival where a lot of groups and band have mini concerts on the grass. Those are the days where the number of the foreigners is significantly high. You could spend you weekend visiting Banovo Brdo or Vidikovac. Kosutnjak and Ada Ciganlija are not far, so you could take a walk there as well. Another part of our capital city is Zemun, which is already a special story and requires full dedication. The list of the potential places you should see is a bit log, so the best way to learn more about Belgrade is to come. 

If you decide to spend a weekend in our capital city, rent a car. It would help you fully enjoy in everything Belgrade is offering. 

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