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Vehicle fleet – the main mean in the rent a car company

Beside advantages this industry offers, especially in an economical way, the vehicles should be appropriate equipped, technically capable in order to make a journey comfortable and agreeable.

Vehicles go through all technical services

In order to survive on the market, there should be a constant improvement, professional aspect on the work and a team made of responsible and experienced workers. The main mean in this sphere are vehicles and drivers. The number of vehicles depends on the firm. Each of a car has to go through all necessary technical services before it is given to the customer. After each use, car has to go to the cleaning, repaired, if it needed and it should be sent to the new service. After that, it should be ready for the new user.

Mini vehicles for short journey
Mini cars are recommended for those who do not intend to stay long. Small sized models, appropriate for four passengers. Besides being comfortable, these models are economical.

Standard models for five passengers
Standard models are mostly described as big cars. They are suitable for long distance travels. The number of passengers recommended for these cars is five.


„Middle models“ for short and long journeys

The type of models mostly depends on the company’s policy. Rent a car firm try to follow the market and complement their vehicle fleets. Additionally, they try to listen and follow the clients’ wishes. The most common rented model is model, middle seized. It is spacious so it is convenient not only for the short but for the long travels too. It is designed for four passengers, so the journey could be comfortable and pleasant. This model is considered for the most wanted models.

Najam kampera

Fleets are constantly updated

Every company keeps up with the contemporary styles and tries to listen to its customers. That is the reason why each company from to time updates its fleets. It is impossible to make predictions about available models, so each car has its “twin” – the model with the similar characteristics or almost the same, with the same brand as the model you have been looking at. The differences are almost invisible, especially when it comes to the internal characteristics. The only possible visible changes could be seen in the outside look.

On the web site of each rent a car company you could see available models. Above each model are written characteristics, age, dimensions and recommended number of passengers, as well as the date when the vehicle is free for use. After reserving the model, you have to leave a deposit and personal dates.

AR rent a car – the company with the experience

AR rent a car is the company with great success in the field. Thanks to the responsible and professional approach, the company has achieved great results in its work. The professional drivers and huge number of cars makes this company reliable in offering the services of renting of car. The vehicle fleet should be divers in order to please everyone’s need.

Vehicles go through services. Besides renting a classical car, you could rent a camper too. With the rental car from AR rent a car company you are able to leave our country, but you should inform the company about it, because only with its approval you could drive cars outside our territories. You should pay same taxes which would bring you green card. There is another option. The car could be delivered but it costs some extra money.

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