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What offers the capital of the South Serbia - Nis?

The development of air traffic in this part of the country has not only contributed to its welfare but also to the increase of number of tourists who take off from Nis’s airport. The best proof for it is numerous charts and good connection with other international charts. Usually, you have to change several charts in order to get to the final destination.

Historically important city

If you have to fly across Nis and have free hours until your next flight, take the time and go sightseeing. Beside the good position the city has, it also has a long historical tradition. In addition, it was often used in books and theatre plays as a main plot. There were a lot of shows and documentaries dedicated to Nis and history teaches us that great battles had occurred right there, in Nis.

Warm south

Another thing which makes Nis so interesting is the language, or to be precise dialect specific for the south. You would hear quiet a lot that Nis people only use one word case. Among other features is hospitality. Even though people often say that in south there is more sadness, you would be surprised with the liveliness there actually exists. Maybe they have bad economy, but the spirit is strong and warm. The problems are resolving with cheerfulness which is something is that attracts tourists the most.

Čegar, Medijana, Konstantin

When we talk about local spots worth of seeing then you should definitely have to see Ćele kulu, Čegar and of course Medijana. Each of these places has historical message and importance not only for the south of Serbia and Nis town but for the whole country. Nis, previously called Naissus is the place where was born Romanian imperator Konstantin, which only makes the city more significant.

From tavern to jazz

The capital of the South Serbia has to offer a rich social and cultural life. Beside café shops and international restaurants, there are a lot of pubs and domestic taverns where you could try the best of home kitchen and enjoy in Serbian traditional music followed with trumpets. It could be boasted with the biggest jazz festival in this part of the world, visited by thousands and thousands of domestic and international tourists every year. We should mention Film encounters which is organized in August every year. It gathers all the names from the acting world.

Burek and hamburgers

If the road leads you to Nis you must go and try hot burek at Micko and hamburgers at Zoki and Nena. Nis’s fortress is a most have and it is a Nisville host for years.

Nis’s airport

The news that Nis’s airport is developing cheered out not only our citizens but foreigners as well. The huge number of people coming from south side of Serbia who are working permanently abroad choose Nis’s airport because it is close to their homes and the flights are low cost. Airport is like in every huge city, outside the city centre but it is relatively closed, so you could get easily to it. Beside the public transport which is fast, you could call a taxi or rent a car.

AR rent a car in Nis

The firm AR rent a car Belgrade opened its offices in Nis, which is good news for all the passengers who have to land off in Nis. They will start working right after the New Years’ holiday on the 10th of January. Rent a car is easy, quickly solution when it comes to transport because it saves your money and time. AR rent a car Belgrade has a long professional history, works long and it is responsible firm. What makes it among the best firms in this filed is very well equipped cars and professional drivers with experience.

If you find yourself in Nis and you need a ride, rent a car is the right solution.

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