Campers are a motor vehicle that is equipped with all the amenities that are in the house.

The use of a camper is multiple. In addition to the usual travel application, campers are an excellent solution if you are recording a music video, a movie, or a series. Serbia is a very good location for all types of shooting, due to the low recording costs, 25% state subsidies, and the natural beauty of the country itself. Therefore, we try to satisfy the market and offer our services primarily to the production companies of the modern camp (some call them motorcycles, trailers ...) for the needs of realization of their projects, accommodation of actors on sets (whether they are too hot, rain or snow).

Our campers represent a combination of transport and accommodation, and therefore they have comfortable furniture and armchairs, beds for rest, mini kitchen, toilet and shower, heating, air conditions ...

We offer five camping cars that we rent exclusively to production companies for film, series, music videos and commercials.

Renting cameras is done at pre-arranged shooting locations in Serbia or in countries in the region, and our drivers are present all the time in order to meet all production requirements.

Renting a camper in rare cases can be rented to the physical persons for vacation, without a driver.

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